Coaching to help people produce extraordinary results in their lives, careers or organisations

Imagine having your very own support team to assist you in getting focus and clarity around what’s important. And then to work with you to break goals into manageable chunks, continuing to support you as you work towards achieving them.

Having a Coach is like having a mentor, manager, personal trainer and sports coach all rolled into one – and only focussed on you!

The heart of coaching is you – your goals, and your strategies and solutions to reach them.

Coaching | Insight Services Accountants based in Burgess Hill, West Sussex

A Coach will:

Enable you to clarify and focus on what’s important

Move you from ‘talking’ to ‘doing’ by keeping you accountable

Help you see and believe in your true potential

Bring out the very best in you

Encourage and support you as you work towards achieving your goals

Provide tools and structures when you need them

What do Clients get from Coaching?

A significant difference to their lives in 12 weeks

Attention and focus on the big issues

A real sense of moving forward

The luxury of spending time on themselves

Total support in a confidential and non-judgemental environment

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a pro-active partnership between a client and a Coach. The Coach works with the client to create inspirational and meaningful goals in those areas of most importance in the client’s life. A framework is then built to enable the client to work towards achieving those goals over the coaching series.

Goals are as diverse as our clients – opening a new business, finding a dream career, achieving work/life balance, improving a relationship, creating long-term financial security.

How does Coaching work?

Each week, the client and Coach meet face to face or over the phone to discuss progress towards the goals and any issues that may be standing in between the goals and the client.

Coaching is future and solutions focussed – it’s all about harnessing the resources you already have to make your goals a reality!

Insight Coaching Services


A 12 week coaching series designed to help you achieve 3 inspiring goals in those areas of your life that matter most

Career Coaching

Want to find your dream job but don’t know where to start? Uncover your true potential and go after your ideal job in this specially designed coaching series

Intensive Coaching

Need to make a big decision fast, or want to gain a fresh perspective on an important issue? Intensive coaching focuses on the one issue you want a breakthrough on. You leave with a renewed outlook and a plan of action to move forward

Executive Coaching

One on one coaching with senior executives to maximise their potential. Executive Coaching is results focused – you set the goals and the agenda based on your objectives. As your coach we will be as committed to your success as you are.